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Stakeholder Engagement Solutions

engage your stakeholders to inform decisions, create buy-in and build trust

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Thoughtstream allows us to dig down and understand... so we can take action with real data that has depth and meaning.
Dr. Wes Neumeier | Superintendent of Schools | Prairie Land Regional Division #25
People find it easy to participate and the depth and breadth of the responses in the Thoughtstream process is very impressive.
Jeff Jones | Superintendent, CEO | BC School District 8
I am confident we will be able to continue to use Thoughtstream to tackle all sorts of projects in a cost effective and engaging manner.
Doug Dietz | Executive Director | Alberta Technology Leaders in Education (ATLE)
We were searching for methods of communication that would help parents organize their thoughts and opinions... I am so thankful we found Ts.
Mike Lundine | Principal | Pauline Haarer School, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada.
Shawnigan Lake School is proud and excited to be using this technology to further our development as a 21st century learning organization.
David Robertson | Headmaster | Shawnigan Lake School
To identify and deal with questions ... we had to find a way to engage everyone in a meaningful process. Thoughtstream provided that process.
Ed Wittchen | Professional Development Director | Canadian Association of School Administrators
Thoughtstream allowed so many more community members to have a voice that was clearer and more powerful than ordinary survey feedback.
Mark Thiessen | Superintendent | School District 27
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Thoughtstream receives
$2 million investment

Thoughtstream poised for rapid growth and hiring 8 new positions with the close of a $2 million investment led by Toronto's First Generation Capital Inc.

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Ready to Rocket

Company blasts off for second year running on 2014 Ready to Rocket List

ready to rocket

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Thoughstream partnership with RackForce

Thoughstream is pleased to announce our new partnership with RackForce. New and renewing Canadian customers to be hosted in Canada effective June 1.

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