Templates and Tutorials

We have a whole website dedicated to tools for Thoughtstream.

There, you'll find video and printed tutorials to get you started and to advance your understanding with more in-depth topics.

You'll also find an ever expanding suite of templates that you can load into your Thoughtstream to get you started with great questions.

And you can find a calendar for our weekly webinars about Thoughtstream.

You can even give us comments about all these things, so we can even make them better.

Visit Thoughtstream Tools

Training Videos

Our training videos are on our tools site (described just above) or you can find them on our youtube channel.

Click the icon for our youtube channel.


All of our documentation is available within our Facilitator Application. Here is a sample:

The Thoughtstream Introduction document.

Research Background

Thoughtstream is based on decades of academic research about cooperation, collaboration and game theory.

Thoughtstream Research Perspectives provides an overview of the research background to our process.

The James Surowiecki book The Wisdom of Crowds provides a really good non-academic overview of cooperation. Wikipedia has a good summary of the book here.

Thoughtstream Engagement Papers

Five Criteria for Effective Stakeholder Engagement in Education
An in-depth look at the vital role that stakeholder engagement plays in effective leadership in education.

Acting Locally, Changing Globally
An article exploring the challenges inherent in the current system of education policy creation and action, presenting a structure for addressing these dominant issues that takes into account the nuances and priorities of the local community.

Parent Participation Roadblocks.
A great article regarding educational engagement that outlines and helps define
the challenge of engaging a busy and passionate group of stakeholders:
School Parents.

An Independent Review of Thoughtstream

Click here to download an independent and external tech review.